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An exciting Medical Weight Loss Program...

doc smCongratulations! You have just made the first step on the road to weight loss. Thank you for choosing Dr. Walter Griffith at A Shape for Life in St. Pete Florida  to help you lose weight. Whether you are a male or female, need to lose 20, 40, 60 pounds, just need to drop those last 5, or you need help to maintain your weight, A Shape for Life is for you! Maybe you have a very special event coming up and you have decided that now is the time to get started towards weight loss and getting to your healthy weight to show off the new you! Take the next step today!
We know that choosing a specialized program is a critical decision that can impact your time, your health, and even your weight loss success. Under our care, you will learn how the scientific advances in medical weight control apply to you. You'll learn how to make better choices, how "triggers" can control eating behaviors and how to develop a pattern realistic to your lifestyle. Realize your full potential -- setup an appointment with Dr. Walter Griffith to start your new, happy, healthy, life today! Please download our Weight Loss Questionnaire. It's your first step towards a healthy lifestyle!

Your first consultation at A Shape for Life is only $175 which includes a guide to eating right and another visit in two weeks to track your progress.

After that the fee is just $95 a month! That's an incredibly reasonable price to get on the road to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Don't you deserve it?

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